BEMER PARTNER s.r.o. : With BEMER Business to professional success

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BEMER INT. AG is the inventor of BEMER® physical vascular therapy and is a technological leader in this field. In the marketing of its patented medical products, BEMER has consistently relied on direct sales from the outset. The company has achieved a strong growth rate over the past years and is constantly looking for new business partners.

BEMER PARTNER s.r.o. : With BEMER Business to professional success

There are many reasons to engage in direct sales closer or invest more energy in your own business. VBEMER HORSE-SET® ultimately offers unique opportunities in both main and secondary employment. Whether one wants to be one's own boss, build up a lucrative side income or finally start thinking about retirement security: BEMER offers newcomers as well as professional salespeople the optimal prerequisites for financial independence. BEMER INT. AG, on the market since 1998, is today active worldwide with tens of thousands of sales partners. In many years of research and development work, this Liechtenstein-based company has developed a therapy that benefits both humans and horses: the BEMER® Physical Vascular Therapy is scientifically proven to improve the microcirculation, i.e. the blood supply to the smallest blood vessels. This can be an effective support for the whole organism. The demand for BEMER products, which can be obtained in direct sales, is growing rapidly. And with it the need for new business partners, who are, so to speak, in an excellent position for success.

Diverse career opportunities, even for salespeople from another area.

So whether one wants to build a secure existence or a lucrative side income: Either way, the BEMERBEMER Beauty-Pack Evo: Because beauty is a matter of skin offers an entry into the strongly growing healthcare market. With unrivalled products that bear the hallmark of uniqueness with the patented BEMER signal. Apropos Signal: Of course also for successful sales professionals a new field of action opens up for repeated launches.
BEMER Beauty-Pack Evo: Pretože krása je záležitosťou pleti

Easy start. Strong together.

BEMER HORSE-SET®Time flexibility with excellent earning prospects is in itself a strong argument for direct sales. But for BEMER it says even more: Through its own corporate Start-Up Seminars, it ensures comprehensive basic training - as well as optimal care through its experienced contact staff. The unique team spirit in the BEMER sales network has always been one of the company's particular strengths. Numerous workshops, seminars and events further strengthen the family spirit.

This creates an overall package that enables even newcomers to get a fast start in the sales business. The framework conditions, which are unique in Europe, should make it particularly easy: only a small capital investment is required to start the business, and no minimum turnover or product purchases need to be made at BEMER. There is no graduation within the organisation, but there is a lot of support.

About BEMER Int. AG

BEMER Int. AG was founded in 1998 and is an internationally active entity in the field of

bemer evoHealth. The Triesen/Lichtenstein-based company is a technology development company with medical-technical certification and is the inventor of the BEMER® physical vascular therapy.
The core competence of the enterprise is the research and development of high-tech solutions for the physical therapy of microcirculation disorders. Application devices have been developed for daily use in the professional field, but also for private use.
BEMER Int. AG offers instrument systems for human medicine as well as veterinary use.

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