The new generation of health - BEMER Premium Set Evo

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The human body performs at its best every day and must be given optimal care at the cellular level if it is to perform its various tasks properly. This purpose is served by the microcirculation, which supplies blood to blood vessels with small, even the smallest diameter. And it is precisely at these points that the effects of BEMER are felt. The Liechtenstein-based company has developed a special application to support the restricted microcirculation. With the new BEMER Evo product range, the patented signal can be used even more conveniently and easily than before.

The new generation of health - BEMER Premium Set Evo


Nová generácia zdravia - BEMER Premium Set EvoTo perform at the highest level in recreational or professional sports, to live pain-free, to handle work challenges with
adequate stamina and strength, enjoy old age. Just as all people have different wishes, BEMER can
support them in the same number of different ways. And simply because, using the method that has been established
for many years, it will help the body to recover properly - in regeneration, in the treatment of minor injuries, in the accumulation
energy reserves. Because if the blood flow stops functioning optimally - for example, as a result of unhealthy
lifestyle or simply due to ageing - this can have far-reaching consequences. By improving the limited
blood flow in the small and smallest blood vessels, BEMER can help the body to perform its tasks optimally.

Live sportingly

More fitness, better performance, more enjoyment of life. Sport means something different to everyone. But no matter what
someone wants to do for themselves, whether they train ambitiously or are a professional athlete - the mechanisms in the body always
work the same for everyone. In any case, thorough recovery belongs to both the sport and the training itself. Therefore
BEMER can be an extremely valuable training partner. In fact, BEMER can improve the limited
microcirculation, which plays an important role in many bodily processes - after sports performance, but also in the case of
strained muscles or sports injuries. Many recreational and elite athletes are now enjoying these benefits
and even sports teams around the world.

Live painlessly

Back, joint or muscle pain can make life a living hell, even though the human body is a proverbial master
Nová generácia zdravia - BEMER Premium Set Evoself-medication. However, due to an improper lifestyle, lack of exercise or the aging process, blood flow
in the thinnest and finest blood vessels can gradually deteriorate. Often these are the consequences of restricted microcirculation,
which cause impaired wound healing, mood swings and a sense of general well-being, and can lead to chronic pain
back, joints and muscles. It is precisely in these areas where BEMER comes in: by correcting restricted flow
blood in small blood vessels and capillaries, its application can support the body in its regeneration and help its
self-healing abilities to become better activated. Based on scientifically based studies, BEMER as a
adjunctive treatment to provide relief from low back/lower back pain and is able to improve outcomes
certain forms of therapy.

Retain job performance even in old age

In a triangle whose vertices are family, work and everyday life, life often presents us with difficult challenges. This
is doubly true if the body and soul are unable to relieve themselves of stress and do not recover properly even overnight. More and more people are complaining of problems with congestion and their lack of compensation, difficulty falling asleep and general sleep disturbances, even though refreshing sleep has an indispensable role in maintaining performance, regardless of age. BEMER can be your partner in ensuring your physical and mental well-being.
The application of BEMER can stimulate restricted blood flow in the small and smallest blood vessels. This
microcirculation significantly affects numerous physiological processes that take place in the human body, including
those related to refreshment, sleep and regeneration. In this way, BEMER can counteract
internal tension and reduce stress through its positive effects. In one user survey, two of the
three users reported that they slept better and their overall sense of personal well-being increased significantly.

BEMER Evo - the new generation of health

BEMER INT. AG, based in Liechtenstein, has developed a new range of products precisely for the 25th anniversary of
of the company's foundation. Since its foundation in 1998, the company has been researching and improving
limited microcirculation. BEMER Evo is now in its fourth generation of devices that continue to use
proven concept: using a pulsating electromagnetic field, the application transmits to the body a patented
signal configuration and helps to improve restricted blood flow in the small and smallest blood vessels.

Intuitive and stylish: the B.Box Evo control unit

Nová generácia zdravia - BEMER Premium Set EvoThe BEMER Evo is a step forward in terms of development, especially in terms of ease of use and comfort. V
compared to its predecessors, the new B.Box Evo is even better adapted to the needs of users and
does not require complex explanations, which is achieved by the seven-inch high-resolution touch screen,
which offers a new control surface. This area provides an intuitive selection of treatment programs. Backlit
strip, which frames the display, indicates in different colours the status of the device's function and the quality of the re productor instantly
attracts attention with significantly improved sound and clear, well-understood verbal messages. Thanks to
practical innovations such as the sleek battery holder, B.Box Evo adapts stylishly to its surroundings. Thanks to
new magnetic connections that ensure time-saving operation, it is possible to connect the control unit to the
two applicators at the same time, which have also undergone a substantial refurbishment:

Practical and intelligent solutions: applicators

The new B.Body Evo full-body applicator is very comfortable to use thanks to its flexible stitched coils.
The configuration of the coils adapts to the characteristics of the human body, so that the magnetic field can be even
more effective. Thanks to the padded material, which is pleasantly soft foam, the B.Body Evo can now be used even more
more comfortable in bed or on the sofa. The B.Pad Evo and B.Spot Evo applicators, which provide targeted topical
therapy, have also been modified to a lesser extent to achieve even higher quality. A completely new addition to the program is the B.Bed Evo, a 190 cm long mattress developed specifically for full-body therapy in bed and for the application of the sleep program. Other newly developed applicators are B.Light Clear Evo and B.Light Restore Evo, which are used for gentle but extremely effective skin beauty care.
Validated scientifically and by the experience of countless users.
Since the company was founded, BEMER has invested heavily in microcirculation research. The effects of BEMER devices
used in vascular physiotherapy have been scientifically proven.

About BEMER Int. AG

BEMER Int. AG is a medical technology company whose products are manufactured for application in
microcirculation disorders. BEMER researches and develops patented application processes in this field
since 1998. Based in Triesen, Liechtenstein, the company has developed the advanced BEMER Evo Set, a product
a Class IIa medical technology product approved in the European Union.
The application equipment has been designed for everyday use by professionals as well as for home use
by private individuals. BEMER Int. AG distributes devices for both human medicine and veterinary applications.

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A new generation of health - BEMER Premium Set Evo
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