Database and social network of companies with online magazine and PR articles is a comprehensive online informative and commercial advertising platform connecting companies and customers from the European Union and the whole world. Here you will find an extensive catalog of European and foreign companies, an e-shop with quality products, a bazaar for civic and corporate advertising, as well as an inspiring magazine with PR articles, news and tips for your business and a Slovak social network for people and companies within the European Union and the world. Whether you are looking for new business partners, want to make your company visible or shop cheaply online, is your gateway to a world of unlimited possibilities.

Find your strength in Workout Academy in Devínská Nová Ves 362

Find your strength in Workout Academy in Devínská Nová Ves

We invite you on an amazing journey to improve your physical and mental well-being in our training center Workout Academy in Devínská Nová Ves in Bratislava. For more than 5 years we have been offering group and individual workouts focused on body weight exercises. Our methods teach you how to control your body with proper exercise, diet and patience that you can later use in your everyday life.

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BEMER PARTNER s.r.o. : With BEMER Business to professional success 304

BEMER PARTNER s.r.o. : With BEMER Business to professional success

BEMER INT. AG is the inventor of BEMER® physical vascular therapy and is a technological leader in this field. In the marketing of its patented medical products, BEMER has consistently relied on direct sales from the outset. The company has achieved a strong growth rate over the past years and is constantly looking for new business partners.

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Global company directory - your gateway to international business relationships 274 Global company directory - your gateway to international business relationships

We would like to introduce you to an upcoming project that our team is working on with a lot of commitment and enthusiasm. Imagine a space where innovation meets the everyday needs of businesses and e-shops. Right now, in these moments, our work is culminating in a new international online catalog, created with global reach and ease of use in mind. an exceptional global online catalog with the best from Germany and the entire European Union.

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free business registration 271

Free company registration in the world catalog of companies: The global company catalog opens doors to 250 countries of the world

Take the opportunity and register your company for free today. Discover horizons of new possibilities and make your company visible on the international scene. Expand your business without borders and join the largest network of companies in the world in 250 countries.

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A unique database of companies from 250 countries of the world for export and import 149

The world of business at your fingertips: An extensive catalog and database of companies from 250 countries for export and import

Discover new business opportunities with our unique online database of companies from 250 countries around the world. Find reliable foreign partners for export or import and expand to global markets. Browse the extensive company catalog by country and industry and establish cooperation with interesting businesses from all over the world.

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The social business network offers a wide range of networking and collaboration opportunities for people, businesses and communities 196

The social business network offers a wide range of networking and collaboration opportunities for people, businesses and communities is a comprehensive social network that covers all aspects of professional and personal life. It offers businesses great opportunities for promotion, branding and customer acquisition. For individuals, it is a platform for self-realization, education and networking on a global scale.

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social business network 67

Free company registration and creation of a company profile on the social network

The social network of companies offers a great opportunity for all companies and organizations that want to increase their visibility and become aware of potential customers and partners. Registration on this social network for companies is completely free and the process is very simple. Just fill in basic information about your company, such as name, contact details, area of ​​operation and a brief description of your services or products.

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Discover the power of community: Create your group on for free 80 Platform for creating groups and connecting people: Create a group for free and collaborate with people with the same interests

Create a free group on the social network and connect with people who share your interests. Communicate, collaborate and build relationships with community members. Find enthusiasts and experts in your field, share experiences and find solutions. offers a platform for creating groups, discussions, events and meetings. Expand your circle of friends and discover new opportunities. Registration is free, join today!

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Promote your events for free on 81

Promote your events for free on Festivals, courses, workshops, concerts, events

Promote your events for free on the social network. Achieve higher participation and make your events visible without any costs. Simple registration and sharing of your actions with the user community. Discover the power of free event promotion!

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Discover the world of promotions and discounts at  Free registration 71

Free registration of goods and services on sale at Promotional leaflets, promotions and discounts, offers for companies and citizens, an innovative social network that connects companies and citizens, comes with a unique opportunity for everyone who wants to promote their goods and services. Thanks to free registration on this platform, you have the opportunity to present your offer to a wide audience and attract new customers.

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Bazaar for corporate and civic advertising in Europe and the world

E-shop intended for European and international customers within the European Union

Advertising services of digital online marketing: PR articles, email marketing, creation of blog SEO digital content to increase your key visibility

Turnkey market research: presenting your products and services to potential customers around the world: We identify suitable target companies, ensure contact, present your product or service, saving you time and money

Visibility of your products and services: Become a leader in your field and acquire new customers from the ranks of companies looking for business partners in our catalog.

Global database of companies: Connect with key managers in suitable companies through our services

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