For the love of horses: The new BEMER HORSE-SET® for your horse's health

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With the BEMER Horse-Set, BEMER Int. AG for years an effective therapy for improving the microcirculation with positive effects on the regeneration, prevention and relaxation of horses. It has been continuously developed in close cooperation with equestrian sport personalities - and now includes new elements and thoughtful details. A truly happy rider is only happy on an equally happy horse that is healthy, recovered and relaxed. Only then can the latter cooperate attentively and willingly.

For the love of horses: The new BEMER HORSE-SET® for your horse's health

Ready for a new era of horse riding? With the BEMER Horse-Set you are opening a new chapter in horse breeding. Innovative use can influence parasympathetic processes in the body and thus promote regeneration and relaxation. It can achieve improved relaxation - a prerequisite for optimal training.

With the new BEMER Horse-Set, BEMER Int. AG can make a significant contribution. For more than two decades, the Liechtenstein-based BEMER Int. AG has been a pioneer in research and development in the field of physical vascular therapy. By
has made a name for itself in human medicine and, for a long time now, also in equestrian sport. A name, by the way, that has become known through a long-term partnership with the Riders Tour. The BEMER Horse-Set is optimally adapted to the horse's body and acts at an important point of health: it improves circulation, i.e. the blood supply to the smallest blood vessels, promotes metabolism as well as cellular activity and thus the processes of recovery and convalescence. In addition, scientific studies show optimization of relaxation and regeneration.

We cooperate with experts and capacities in the field

From the beginning, BEMER has worked with equestrian sport specialists, veterinarians who specialize in the treatment of horses and amateur athletes to continuously develop and adapt the Horse-Set to the high demands of a normal day in the stable and at tournaments. Among others, the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Milan, the HCCG (Horse Competence Center Germany), veterinarian Dr. Hermann Josef Genn, Hof Kasselmann or the Paul Schockenmöhle Marketing Agency have been involved. Countless knowledge from their work has been and is being used in the development of the kits.

And the result:

The best BEMER Horse-Set ever.

bemer terapia pre koneThe kit consists of a horse blanket, two gaiters, a charger with dual charging function via Y-cable, a practical bag - and many elements and details that are intelligently thought out and high quality made. The large anatomically optimised blanket encompasses all of the horse's neuralgic points, and with the two gaiters it is possible to treat the legs quickly and purposefully. Using the BEMER Horse-Sets has never been easier. The blanket and gaiters are
cable-free and contain powerful batteries. They can be applied effortlessly, are airy, made of strong material and washable. Quickly fold up and transport the set with the handy carry bag.

This makes the BEMER Horse-Set the ideal companion for supporting the health of your horse. It is therefore no wonder that it has long since come to the attention of the world's top equestrian sport: alongside Paul Schockemöhle, the world champion Simone Blum, among others, is one of its convinced users.

About BEMER Int. AG

BEMER Int. AG was founded in 1998 and is an internationally active entity in the healthcare sector. The Triesen/Lichtenstein-based company is a technology development company with certification for medical-technical focus and is the inventor of the BEMER® physical vascular therapy. The core competence of the enterprise is the research and development of high-tech solutions for the physical therapy of microcirculation disorders. Application devices have been developed for daily use in the professional field, but also for private use. BEMER Int. AG offers instrument systems for human medicine as well as veterinary use.

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