Comparing Huron and Angel Juicers

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Comparing Huron and Angel Juicers can be tricky, as both products are highly rated and have different strengths. Here are a few key differences you should consider.

Type: Huron models are an over-trifugal type of juicer that are slower but efficient at juicing fruits and vegetables without a lot of damaging heat and oxidation. The Angel Juicer is an auger juicer that is particularly effective at extracting the maximum amount of juice, allowing you to get more juice from your ingredients.

Size: Huron juicers are smaller and lighter, making them a great choice for smaller kitchens or limited space. The Angel Juicer is larger and heavier, but its sturdy stainless steel construction makes it very durable.

Noise: The Angel Juicer is extremely quiet, which is a big plus for those who don't want to annoy others. The Huron is also fairly quiet, but can be a bit noisier when juicing harder fruits and vegetables.

Cleaning: the Angel Juicer is known for being easy to clean, which cuts down on maintenance time. The Huron can be a bit more difficult to clean, but is still relatively easy to maintain.

Price: the Angel Juicer is usually more expensive than the Huron, but its long life and high quality juice may be worth the higher investment. The Huron offers great value for money, with prices that are often lower.

So, which is better? That depends on what you're looking for in a juicer. If you're looking for a durable, high-efficiency device and you're not limited by budget, the Angel Juicer may be perfect for you. If you need something smaller and more affordable, the Huron may be the right choice.

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Comparing Huron and Angel Juicers
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