Guide to choosing a juicer

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When we think of healthy living, images of freshly squeezed juices made from lots of fruit and vegetables often come to mind. They can be a wonderful addition to our diet, providing us with the vitamins and minerals we need. However, which juicer should we choose? There are countless options in the world of kitchen appliances and it can be overwhelming for many of us. That's why I'm bringing you this guide to help you make an informed decision.

Let's remember the story of my friend Mirka. She loved fruit juices and decided to invest in a juicer. She chose the cheapest option she could find in the store. The machine was noisy, inefficient and difficult to clean. After a week, she put it away in a cupboard and never used it again. We don't want anything like this to happen to you.

When choosing a juicer, we should consider several aspects. The first is the type of juicer. There are two basic types - mid-rotation juicers and slow-press juicers.

Centre-rotation juicers are the most common. They work by first chopping the fruit or vegetable into small pieces and then squeezing the juice out of them. These models are generally cheaper and faster, but they can be noisier and less effective at squeezing the juice out of some fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, slow-press juicers (or masticating juicers) use a slow pressing method to extract juice that minimizes heat and oxidation, which can preserve more vitamins and minerals. They are quieter and more efficient, but are usually more expensive and slower.

Another important aspect to consider is the size of the opening on the machine. Some juicers have small openings, which means that you will have to chop the fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces in order to put them into the machine. Others have large holes that allow you to insert whole pieces, which can save you time.

We should also consider how the machine is cleaned. Some models are more difficult to clean than others. This can be a problem, as I recommend cleaning your juicer after each use to maintain its efficiency and extend its life.

So, if we want to choose the ideal juicer, we should consider what type of juicer we need, what size opening we prefer and how we will clean the machine. If we keep these aspects in mind, we will avoid unnecessary purchases and make the right choice. And just like my friend Mirka, you too will be able to enjoy fresh juice from your new juicer without any problems.

How to choose a juicer?

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